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LBN-H1 Battery Station for Airpeak S1 drone

Price: $2,899.00
  • Can fully charge up to four Airpeak batteries in less than an hour.
  • Compatible with LBP-HS1 and LBP-HM1 batteries
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About the LBN-H1


Additional Information


The LBN-H1 Battery Station is designed for professional drone operators flying Sony’s Airpeak S1 drone (1), from film sets to industrial applications. It provides convenient storage and transportation of up to ten Airpeak S1 battery packs (LBP-HS1), while providing intelligent and fast charging for eight battery packs (charging four at a time) and discharging up to eight batteries simultaneously for transporting or extended storage.


Enhanced Charging Capabilities

The LBN-H1 Battery Station includes built-in charging cables for two remote controllers (RCR-VH1) and equipped with three standard auxiliary power outlet accessory sockets that can support a variety of accessories, including 12V outlets that can charge mobile devices, cameras, and other USB accessories (2). The accessory socket cap can also be used as a stopper to prevent the lid from accidentally shutting due to wind or other factors while using this product.

Fast charging for efficient workflow

The pack includes two charging modes based on the operator’s needs. This include (QUICK) mode, for shorter charging time, which will charge up to four LBP-HS1 battery packs from 20% to 90% in approximately 30 minutes and (FULL) mode, which will charge up to four LBP-HS1 battery packs from 0% to 100% in approximately 55 minutes or from 20% to 100% in approximately 50 minutes. A built-in fan automatically cools the batteries.

Discharge mode for storage and air transportation

Up to eight battery packs can be discharged simultaneously whether the battery station power is on or off. (50%) mode can be used for long-term storage and will take approx. 17 hours to discharge from 100% to 50%. (25%) mode for air transportation will take approximately 27 hours to discharge from 100% to 25%.

Convenient and Durable

The Battery Station comes in a robust travel case with wheels and an extendable handle to conveniently transport up to ten battery packs.


  • Battery slot for charging/discharging:2 slots x 4 groups Output rating for charging: Up to 42 V, 4 A
  • Remote controller (RCR-VH1) dedicated charging output: 2 ports 14V per port, up to 2.6 A
  • Accessory socket output voltage:
    • 3 ports
    • 12.7 V per port, up to 4.5 A
    • 5 A total for 3 ports
  • Maximum power consumption: 1,000W
  • Operating Temperature: 32 – 104 ℉

Charging Time

Supports 4-slot simultaneous charge Battery pack LBP-HS1
  • FULL (from 0% to 100%): Approx. 55 minutes each
  • FULL (from 20% to 100%): Approx. 50 minutes each
  • QUICK (from 20% to 90%): Approx. 30 minutes each
Supports 4-slot simultaneous charge Battery pack LBP-HM1
  • FULL (from 0% to 100%): Approx. 75 minutes each
  • FULL (from 20% to 100%): Approx. 65 minutes each
  • QUICK (from 20% to 90%): Approx. 40 minutes each

Discharging Time

Supports 8-slot simultaneous discharge Battery pack LBP-HS1:
  • 50% (from 100% to 50%): Approx. 17 hours each
  • 25% (from 100% to 25%): Approx. 27 hours each


  • LBP-HS1
  • LBP-HM1

In the Box

  • Battery Station x1
  • Power Cord x1
  • Accessory Socket Cap x1

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